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We offer solutions to maximize efficiency of material handling systems and warehouse equipment using innovative design and planning to maximize productivity and operational efficiency, lowering overall operating costs.

As one of America’s fastest growing companies in 2016, we have the resources and experience to offer a variety of both new and used warehouse equipment at great prices. Our current inventory includes new and used pallet rack, cantilever systems, warehouse mezzanine, industrial shelving, pick modules, and conveyor systems that can be packaged and designed for your custom material storage needs.

We also offer all associated components including wire deck, load beams, and columns for mezzanine systems to fit specific applications in your growing warehouse setup. Check out our online catalog and the products page for more information on our current stock of warehouse equipment solutions.

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We have an experienced team of installers that strive to deliver projects on time and under budget, but more importantly safely and without incident. We have an excellent safety record and utilize the latest and greatest equipment to insure a safe working environment for all involved.


Sales of new and used material handling equipment. We have a large selection of products to choose from, at reasonable prices. Check out our wide range of new and used warehouse equipment including pallet rack, cantilever rack, warehouse conveyors, mezzanine systems, industrial shelving, and more.  


When standard material handling equipment systems don't quite optimize your facility, we also create and modify products that suit your space. Design and fabrication of custom pieces and material for specific products and storage needs.  


~ What we have to offer ~

Material Storage Systems


We offer a large variety of unique solutions for material handling and storage. Our selection includes pallet racking (push back, rivet rack, drive-in, drive-thru), cantilever racking, wire shelving, warehouse storage rack, industrial shelving, and record storage systems.

Industrial Mezzanine Systems

Industrial Shelving Pick Mods

Solutions for companies looking to increase floor space without relocating. Warehouse mezzanines offer the ability to expand and keep costs low. We offer planning, design, installation and permits for complete mezzanine systems.

Material Handling Systems

Truck Lifts

We offer a range of material handling equipment including scales, material lifts, lift tables, modular offices, catwalk systems, and rolling ladders. Material lifts or Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors(VRC’s) are great for replacing heavy equipment used to lift materials to upper levels. Create a safer approach to lifting operations.

Conveyor Systems

Powered Conveyor Systems

We offer both new and used conveyor systems to meet your material handling needs. We specialize in the planning and installation of both powered and non-powered warehouse conveyor systems. Check our product page for more information on specific types including gravity rollers, skate wheels, as well as expandable and flexible systems.

About Us

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Our humble beginnings

Culver Equipment was founded in 1997 by John M. Culver. The company is based out of Arizona, but has worked on projects all over the United States. One of our core beliefs is a strict adherence to all safety protocol. We have an impressive record for preventing work-related accidents. At Culver, we provide a full service product, from design to installation and every step in between, providing a clean and ready to use product in a timely manner. We approach each project as unique and believe each project has different needs and solutions. We enjoy working on projects that present opportunities to be creative and find a solution to a unique problem.

Team Members

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John Culver
John Culver
Kathleen A. Culver
Kathleen A. Culver
Secretary / Treasurer
Chris Culver
Chris Culver
Program Manager
Daniel Duryea
Daniel Duryea
General Manager
Darin Miiller
Darin Miiller
Installation Coordinator
Shannon King
Shannon King
Accounting & Finance
Josh Locke
Josh Locke
Sales Manager
Chris Brown
Chris Brown
CAD Design Manager


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