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America's Fastest
Growing Companies


We are a rapidly expanding material handling equipment and product supplier supporting essential industries across the U.S.

America's Fastest Growing Companies


We are a rapidly expanding material handling equipment and product supplier supporting essential industries across the U.S.


of material handling & storage systems

We offer solutions to maximize efficiency of material handling systems and warehouse equipment. By using innovative design and planning to maximize productivity and operational efficiency, we help lower overall operating costs.

As one of America’s fastest growing companies since 2016, we have the resources and experience to offer a variety of both new and used warehouse equipment at great prices. Our current inventory includes new and used pallet rack, cantilever systems, warehouse mezzanine, industrial shelving, pick modules, and conveyor systems that can be packaged and designed for your custom material storage needs.

We also offer all associated components including wire deck, load beams, and columns for mezzanine systems to fit specific applications in your growing warehouse setup. Check out our online catalog and the products page for more information on our current stock of warehouse equipment solutions.


Warehouse Logistical Support & Equipment


Warehouse Planning & Design

We pride ourselves on innovative designs for your warehouse needs. Our design team utilizes the latest AutoCAD software (both 2D and 3D capabilities) and can assist you on any project that you should encounter...

Material Handling Installation

We have an experienced team of installers that strive to deliver projects on time and under budget, but more importantly safely and without incident. We have an excellent safety record and utilize the latest...

Warehouse Equipment Sales

Sales of new and used material handling equipment. We have a large selection of products to choose from. Check out our wide range of new and used warehouse equipment including pallet rack...

Custom Fabrication

We create and modify material storage systems and provide specialized products that suit your goals. Design and fabrication of custom pieces and material for built to order for your warehouse by experts...


Do you have the drive and desire to use your skills and take your career to the next level? Culver Equipment is looking for you. We stand by the belief, our team members are the lifeblood of our company. With growth-oriented strategies, we give you the tools and resources necessary to strengthen our bond within essential industries, and lay a path before you to be part of our success.


For more information on available openings, please see our updated listings posted on Workforce.

our products

New & Used Pallet Rack, Warehouse Equipment & Supplies

material storage systems

Material Storage Systems

We offer a large variety of unique solutions for material handling and storage. Our selection includes pallet racking (push back, rivet rack, drive-in, drive-thru), cantilever racking, wire shelving, warehouse storage rack, industrial shelving, and record storage systems.
warehouse mezzanine systems

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

Solutions for companies looking to increase floor space without relocating. Warehouse mezzanines offer the ability to expand and keep costs low. We offer planning, design, installation and permits for complete mezzanine systems and professional consultation.
material handling systems

Material Handling Systems

We offer a wide range of material handling equipment including scales, material lifts, lift tables, modular offices, catwalk systems, and rolling ladders. We carry both new and used warehouse storage supplies, and can help you decide on what you need for your facility.

Warehouse Conveyor Systems

We offer both new and used conveyor systems to meet your material handling needs. We specialize in the planning and installation of both powered and non-powered warehouse conveyor systems. Contact us for details on installation processes for your facility.
Inc 5000

Culver Equipment has done it again and secured a position on the INC 5000 list for the fourth year in a row!

We are a leading warehouse industry consultant providing expert planning and design services.

Culver Equipment since 1997

Celebrating 20 years of service as a leading consultant and provider of warehouse equipment.


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Coronavirus Warehouse Safety – Tips & Strategies

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Mezzanine Systems – Types, Benefits and Applications

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America’s Fastest Growing Companies – INC 5000

Culver Equipment has once again secured a position as one of America’s fastest growing companies making the 2019 INC 5000 list. We slid in to position #3287 with $21.1 million in revenue. Boasting a 110% increase over previous years, we now employ over 112 industry professionals as our core team, and hire out on a…

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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems – The Future of Material Handling

As a warehouse industry professional, you may have asked yourself the following question. Should you invest in automated storage & retrieval systems? If you want to make your business more flexible, accurate, and reliable, these systems can help. However, that type of efficiency and convenience often requires a substantial investment. To help you decide whether…

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Welded vs. Bolted Rack – Choosing What’s Best For Your Warehouse

When going through the process of planning the construction of rack systems for warehouse applications, we are often asked which are the best construction methods to go with. The most common question is whether it’s best to use a welded or bolted system, and how do their capacity specifications fit the goals and expected budget?…

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The Sun Devil 100 – Innovative Business Leaders

Each year, Arizona State University (ASU) celebrates the achievements of the Sun Devil 100. This group of extinguished members are ASU alumni who own or lead successful, innovative businesses across the globe. This is an elite, powerful and prestigious group of people who are advancing business, science, research and a host of other disciplines in…

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wire deck

Wire Deck – Choosing the Right Style for your Pallet Rack

One of the most important parts of a warehouse rack system is wire deck. Wire deck is a load-bearing mesh that is supported by metal beams or structures. In warehouse rack applications, wire deck is primarily used as a safety measure to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the rack…

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Warehouse Retrofit – The Ins and Outs of Warehouse Expansion

As the consumer-driven economy continues to boom into 2019, and the demand for products with timely delivery increases, it’s common to find situations in your warehouse where space becomes limited. Even with effective facility planning, and the use of space-maximizing solutions like mezzanine systems or properly fitted storage racks, you can find yourself running out…

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Pick Modules

Pick Modules – The Core System of Warehouse Product Management

Vital to any successful warehouse distribution center is the efficient use of industrial pick modules. They are the heart and soul of all well-managed facilities that process and handle product delivery. Pick modules, often referred to as order picking systems, can help lower operating costs, provide better space utilization, achieve quicker, more efficient throughput, and maintain…

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Warehouse Catwalk Systems – Common Uses and Applications

Warehouse Catwalk Systems – What are they and how can they be used? Specialty warehouse equipment including conveying systems and sorters are essential to a smooth running warehouse operation. They are instrumental in providing organized and proper flow of product from point A to point B in the warehouse facility. These important systems require a…

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