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Cantilever Racking Cantilever Racking

If you’ve got long, bulky items to store, such as pipes, tubing carpet, furniture, lumber and the like, cantilever racks are the ideal storage solution. These freestanding units feature a vertical column with horizontal arms that allow you to store long lengths of material, keeping them off the floor. You can add additional components, as needed, and easily remove exactly what you need with forklifts. Let us know your needs and we can find the new or used cantilever racking for your purpose.

Industrial Shelving Industrial Shelving

Besides wire shelving, we also provide full service shelving systems, including boltless shelving, industrial shelving and mobile aisles.

Industrial Wire Shelving Industrial Wire Shelving

Industrial wire shelving is an excellent way to store equipment in your warehouse. We provide sturdy stationary and mobile wire shelving, available in different heights and adjustable at 1″ increments for economical storage solutions. New and used industrial wire shelving options are available at Culver Equipment and we’re here to help you determine exactly what you need – and then provide it to you.

Pallet Racking Pallet Racking

If you need to increase storage density in your warehouse, storage and/or distribution center, manufacturing facility or retail establishment, then talk to us about our range of new and used pallet racking. We offer a wide range of pallet rack systems, each offering a specific way to store your palletized materials horizontally in layers, and we help you to find the rack that offers you and your company the best and most effective method to meet your unique storage needs.

Record Storage Systems Record Storage Systems

Record storage is important for virtually any business, and it can easily become overwhelming. Culver Equipment offers a range of record storage systems that accommodate box storage or open shelf file storage. These systems are available in multiple sizes and styles, so that you can organize your records neatly and efficiently, then retrieve the easily when necessary. Specific systems are designed for the information management industry.

Specialized Material Storage Systems Specialized Material Storage Systems

Culver Equipment can deliver specialized storage solutions accommodating your unique circumstances, such as aluminum racking for non-ferrous environments. We have the expertise and experience to create made to order material storage solutions for your needs. Talk with our staff today about developing your own material handling system design.

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