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Expandable / Flexible Conveyor Systems Expandable / Flexible Conveyor Systems

Versatile and durable, our expandable/flexible conveyor systems can be easily reconfigured for ease of usage. This conveyor system is designed for loading/unloading trucks of moving product, and the free spinning skate wheels move loads efficiently during packing, shipping, receiving and temporary assembly lines. Like all the products we offer at Culver, our expandable/flexible systems are clean, safe and efficient. Our team can work with you to create a customized solution for your business needs.

Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems

Skatewheel and gravity roller conveyor systems handle materials in numerous ways in warehouses, production lines, distribution centers and more – and we can help you select what’s optimal for your needs. Skatewheel systems have steel wheels on axles and these conveyors work well with product with flat, smooth bottoms. They flow well, can handle materials that are wider than the conveyor and are often the most economical choice.
Gravity roller conveyor systems are typically recommended when packages do NOT have a smooth bottom, or are open. These systems can handle more weight than skatewheel ones, but can’t handle packages wider than the conveyors. These systems use spring-loaded axles that can be easily replaced.

Powered Conveyor Systems Powered Conveyor Systems

Culver Equipment also offers a variety of powered conveyor systems. These conveyors are fully automated and built with durability and ease of integration in mind. Each component is modular and can be adapted readily to increase flow of freight. Check out our wide variety of products at very competitive prices.

Powered Roller Conveyor/Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor Systems Powered Roller Conveyor/Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor Systems

Our powered roller conveyor and skatewheel gravity conveyor systems are the ideal choice for transporting unit loads efficiently and economically. Used in assembly, inspection and shipping lines, these conveyors are versatile and can be mounted level or at an incline. Check out our wide variety of new and used conveyor systems at Culver Equipment.

Industrial Shelving Pick Mods Industrial Shelving Pick Mods

The right shelving can dramatically improve efficiency in your work environment by optimizing space, expediting the movement of freight in the warehouse, and promoting workplace safety. The correct choice can save your company both time and money. Come in to Culver Equipment where we have a huge inventory of industrial shelving pick mods at great prices.

Rack Supported Mezzanine Systems Rack Supported Mezzanine Systems

At Culver Equipment, we offer rack supported mezzanine systems, a safe and cost effective way to provide more floor space. Our systems include rail stairs, loading zones, full protection decking, lifts and more. Culver offers full service product for any rack supported mezzanine along with customized accessories. All of our products are designed to meet all local building requirements (UBC, BOCA, IBC, and OSHA), so allow us to help you find the innovative solutions you need.

Structural Mezzanine Systems Structural Mezzanine Systems

Maximize the use of space in your warehouse with Culver’s structural mezzanine systems. Large, heavy duty work areas become more efficient by utilizing the maximum height of your warehouse, previously air space. Structural mezzanine systems are incredibly versatile: parts can be easily disassembled and reused. The location, structure and dimensions of your mezzanine can be customized to your unique specifications.

Cantilever Racking Cantilever Racking

If you’ve got long, bulky items to store, such as pipes, tubing carpet, furniture, lumber and the like, cantilever racks are the ideal storage solution. These freestanding units feature a vertical column with horizontal arms that allow you to store long lengths of material, keeping them off the floor. You can add additional components, as needed, and easily remove exactly what you need with forklifts. Let us know your needs and we can find the new or used cantilever racking for your purpose.

Industrial Shelving Industrial Shelving

Besides wire shelving, we also provide full service shelving systems, including boltless shelving, industrial shelving and mobile aisles.

Industrial Wire Shelving Industrial Wire Shelving

Industrial wire shelving is an excellent way to store equipment in your warehouse. We provide sturdy stationary and mobile wire shelving, available in different heights and adjustable at 1″ increments for economical storage solutions. New and used industrial wire shelving options are available at Culver Equipment and we’re here to help you determine exactly what you need – and then provide it to you.

Pallet Racking Pallet Racking

If you need to increase storage density in your warehouse, storage and/or distribution center, manufacturing facility or retail establishment, then talk to us about our range of new and used pallet racking. We offer a wide range of pallet rack systems, each offering a specific way to store your palletized materials horizontally in layers, and we help you to find the rack that offers you and your company the best and most effective method to meet your unique storage needs.

Record Storage Systems Record Storage Systems

Record storage is important for virtually any business, and it can easily become overwhelming. Culver Equipment offers a range of record storage systems that accommodate box storage or open shelf file storage. These systems are available in multiple sizes and styles, so that you can organize your records neatly and efficiently, then retrieve the easily when necessary. Specific systems are designed for the information management industry.

Specialized Material Storage Systems Specialized Material Storage Systems

Culver Equipment can deliver specialized storage solutions accommodating your unique circumstances, such as aluminum racking for non-ferrous environments. We have the expertise and experience to create made to order material storage solutions for your needs. Talk with our staff today about developing your own material handling system design.

Catwalk Systems Catwalk Systems

Culver Equipment offers a variety of catwalk systems that can convert unusable space into an efficient overhead maintenance catwalk walkway space. Maximize your vertical storage area by using empty air space. Catwalk systems are cost effective, and an easy way to utilize shelving systems to create new storage. Our catwalk systems are strong, lightweight, economical and safe. Plus all our systems are OSHA approved.

Industrial Stairs, Warehouse Storage Shelving and Boltless (RiveTier) Shelving Systems Industrial Stairs, Warehouse Storage Shelving and Boltless (RiveTier) Shelving Systems

For safe and easy access throughout your facility, check out the industrial stairs available at Culver Equipment. These strong, durable stairs are perfect for industrial/commercial maintenance and storage access. Industrial stairs can be engineered to your specific requirements and they meet OSHA safety standards. Our boltless shelving is constructed with industrial strength materials and offers unobstructed access to all sides. These units are great for record storage, and can be used in multi-level catwalk systems.

Metal Bar Grating Metal Bar Grating

Perfect for rugged applications, bar grating is tough enough to handle any load bearing or weight requirement that you might have. Culver Equipment has a wide range of bar-grating in stock to suit your specific need. If you are looking for strength, safety and cost effectiveness, metal bar grating is a great choice. We offer a wide selection of panel sizes, bar sizes and spacings with very competitive pricing.

Mobile Aisle Shelving Mobile Aisle Shelving

Our mobile aisle shelving can revolutionize your workspace. How? Not only can you store more products in less space, you can eliminate overcrowding and safety hazards. Because these shelves are mounted on a carriage or rail system, fixed aisles are eliminated entirely, allowing you to store the same load in half the footprint.

Modular Office Buildings Modular Office Buildings

We offer a wide variety of modular offices to suit your unique office space needs. From small guard house offices to large multi-level, multi-office modules, Culver has a wide variety of sizes and floor plans. Our buildings can be utilized in various settings, from construction trailers to on-site testing labs and more. Made with high quality, durable materials and meeting the highest industry standards, all of our modular office buildings are backed by our top notch customer service and competitive pricing.

Rolling Warehouse Ladders Rolling Warehouse Ladders

Check out our inventory of rolling warehouse ladders, designed to provide personnel with access to specific work areas easily and safely. No matter the specifics, we can deliver customized equipment that can serve your situation safely, efficiently, and on budget.

Truck Lifts Truck Lifts

Culver Equipment offers a large inventory of truck lifts, able to accommodate vehicles of varying heights. No matter the size or type of vehicle in question, we have lifts to address what you need in your warehouse. Talk to our knowledgeable staff today and discover customized pieces and ideas to meet the requirements of your business.

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