industrial shelves

Industrial Shelves – A Key Component in Warehouse Planning and Design

One of the most important decisions a business has to make is the design of warehouse storage that will best utilize space. Choosing the best industrial shelves, and other materials, is important as the right choice means you will not only have sturdy shelving, but ones that will last a lifetime. This will also expedite movement of freight and promote workplace safety. Often the success of a business depends on an even flow of products. Having a good storage
warehouse robotic systems

Warehouse Robotic Systems – Background, Types, and Benefits

Warehouse robotic systems represent the dawn of what can be called the fourth industrial revolution. Today’s technology brings a boom in collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) that work seamlessly with the human workforce to increase efficiency and flexibility. Global estimates predict a whopping 1.3 million increase in industrial robots in 2018. Amazon is credited as a pioneer in using warehouse robotics as early as 2011. At the time, the retail giant used 1,300 Kiva Systems’ robots. In
warehouse automation systems

Warehouse Automation Systems – What Are The Benefits

How Can You Benefit From Warehouse Automation Systems There’s no doubt technology has given us a distinct edge when it comes to developing new ways to deal with repetitive tasks. The warehouse industry is no different, and warehouse automation systems are on the rise. Advancements in robotics and software engineering have given us a modern platform. With warehouse automation systems, we can not only reduce the man power needed on certain physical tasks within the supply chain, but also
warehouse design

Warehouse Design & Planning: What You Need To Know

Ready to start planning your new warehouse design? There are many factors involved in creating a solid and effective warehouse design system. Any warehouse operation also holds unique sets of circumstances to consider when deciding on logistical efficiency. However, the core basics to stand by remain unchanged. They are the foundation to start from when doing any warehouse design and planing, and can help maximize profit while minimizing costs. There also is no real level of importance or priority
Warehouse Conveyors

Learn the Core Basics of Warehouse Conveyors

Conveyor Systems 101: Key Knowledge Warehouse conveyors have been an essential component for maximizing efficiencies in modern material handling systems for decades. As technology continues to grow, with the use of important tools like automation and robotics, the need for versatile conveyors of all types has become increasingly important. The material handling industry has produced many different types of conveyors ranging in style and application. Each operation comes with its own unique needs depending on overall layout and purpose.
warehouse safety

Warehouse Safety Tips & Best Practices

What do you know about warehouse safety? Warehouse safety depends on being able to manage a smooth and successful operation, which hinges on many important factors. As material handling logistics, and the timely movement of products from point A to point B is at the front of your mind most of the time, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the most important aspects of your operation involving warehouse safety and remaining in compliance with OSHA – Occupational
warehouse mezzanine systems

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems – Benefits For Expanding Your Operation

What are the benefits of using warehouse mezzanine systems? When planning the layout of your warehouse, it is important to always consider the probability of future expansion, and the best overall way to optimize your resources. Although new facilities may sometimes be required to handle your new demand if your growth is explosive, you can also maximize and adapt to the floorspace in your existing facility with warehouse mezzanine systems. Mezzanine can be an excellent strategy to minimize your
cantilever rack

Cantilever Rack Systems & Planning Your Warehouse Layout

Warehouse planning and design always comes with unique challenges. Every facility has its own particular needs, so it’s important to consider all of the product, merchandise, and material that needs to be stored. In order to make maximum use of your facility and floorspace, specific racking systems can be used to handle material that comes in large, bulky, long, or odd shapes and sizes. If you find yourself in this situation, you may need to look into how cantilever rack
used pallet racks

Used Pallet Racks – What To Consider Before You Buy

If you are looking to buy used pallet racks for your latest warehouse or material handling facility project, there are some things you should be aware of. When economic times and profit margins are tight, it’s tempting to save a buck by buying used rack. It’s also very smart, and can save you a huge amount of money. It needs to be done correctly to ensure a good purchase. There’s an obvious benefit to buying used pallet racks. You
used pallet rack

Pallet Rack – The Basics for Efficient Warehouse Planning

Warehouse management systems rely heavily on the use of pallet rack to handle material storage on pallets, or skids as they are sometimes referred. When it comes to efficient warehouse planning, its helpful to be familiar with the components that make up a pallet racking structure. Since selective pallet racks remain the most common and trustworthy systems, and apply to most warehouse setups, let’s review the components that build these racking systems in particular.. First off, its helpful to
material handling professionals

The Gold Standard of Material Handling Professionals

The team here at Culver Equipment, LLC would like to proudly announce our membership with Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHDEA) for the passed year. MHDEA acts as the material handling professional industry’s premier networking and benchmark resource in the latest trends, promoting competition and innovation. With over 600 distributors and manufacturing production companies globally, the organization acts as a wealth of knowledge, which strengthens our position to the market. Some of the most useful resources designed to help
Material Handling Specialist

Culver Equipment ranked 460 on INC 500’s list

Culver Equipment, LLC has recently joined a very prestigious list of growing companies, and continues to lead the industry as a Material Handling Specialist. Inc 500 has provided the results for 2016 and we are coming in at the 460th spot with a three year growth over 750%. This also means we are in the top tier of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Check out the article! We are in a very competitive industry. The reason for