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Aaron Ferraro

Project Manager

We recently had the opportunity to undertake our most extensive project in a refrigerated environment to date!

"As one of our larger projects (3+ months long), this was a unique one in that it was preformed in a ~69,000sqft freezer! Fortunately for us the freezer would not be brought down to temp on until after we completed our scopes!" laughingly says Aaron.

 This substantial installation encompassed the assembly of a five-deep pushback rack systems, coupled with the added complexity of integrating fire baffling between back-to-back racking, all towering impressively at a height of 45 feet.

  • (237) 5-deep pushback racking
  • (103) selective racking
  • All structural racking

The precision and accuracy demanded for installation, especially in an environment with subfloor refrigeration lines, underscore the importance of relying on a trusted and experienced rack vendor.

"With the increased insulation & other design differences we had some challenges that we had to overcome, including an in-floor cooling system, lack of sufficient ventilation for LP powered equipment & material transit into build area through a standard dock door, to name a few" says Aaron.

Well planned material handling was essential to ensure uninterrupted production while installing a system that is meant to fill a room. Addressing these distinctive challenges necessitated our team to devise and implement innovative solutions, ensuring a secure and safe installation, ultimately culminating in a resounding success. 

"We were able to overcome each in stride and get all scopes done on time. This was achieved through continuous communication and working with all involved. In the end, were able to complete everything ahead of the deadline set by the client & hand off was seamless." commented Aaron.

Our meticulous planning and execution as well as consistent communication has earned us continued work with our customer. We look forward to continuously improving and bringing additional efficiencies to our new client. 


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