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The Culver team recently successfully concluded a project for a local fire suppression company. Faced with the challenge of managing an extensive range of SKUs in their internal inventory, each with varying throughput rates, they sought a solution that would offer high selectivity for a relatively low volume of products. The ideal fit for their requirements came in the form of a pick module (pick mod). 

Designed to accommodate diverse part dimensions and weights, the pick mod allows forklift access from the exterior for handling heavy, bulk items, while smaller parts find their place on the interior shelves. For specialized, slow-moving items, the top section of the system boasts ample space for hand-stacked items. Loading these items, however, is made effortlessly convenient with the incorporation of a swing gate, providing accessibility for pallets and other loads to the top floor without the need for employees to navigate stairs. 

In customizing their system, the customer opted for bar grate flooring, leveraging their expertise in fire safety. The open design of the bar grating facilitates water throughput, potentially eliminating or reducing the necessity for additional fire suppression equipment in the building. With in-house design capabilities, the Culver team skillfully maximized the utility of the customer's system within their specific space while minimizing the required materials." 

Compliance Corner

Pick Module safety encompasses more than just fire hazards; it includes structural integrity, load capacity, and safe access. Regular inspections and maintenance are vital to ensure the system can safely bear its intended load. Additionally, ensuring clear, unobstructed access and exit routes, along with proper safety railings, are key to preventing falls and injuries. Educating personnel on these safety measures helps maintain a secure and efficient workspace.


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70’-8” wide x 87’-9” long

11’-8” Top of Deck

2 stairs

2-rail handrail on 2-sides

10’ Clear Height

6,200 sq. Ft 

T&G Groove Decking

Color: Gray

$124,000 ($20 per sq. ft.)

*Can be reconfigured

*Installation additional

*Does not include lighting or sprinkler work

Front Layout
Top Layout
Left Stairs
Full View

*Shelving not included

Right Stairs 


Reimagining Warehousing




In the ever-evolving landscape of warehousing, businesses are continually searching for innovative solutions to maximize space utilization, especially in environments where vertical storage is of paramount importance.  

Enter Pick Mods

A game-changing system designed to harness the untapped potential of small to mid-size warehouses with higher SKU volumes and varying pick frequencies. 

Pick mods are effective systems for

Vertical Storage Optimization

Pick Mods redefine the rules of the warehousing game by offering a revolutionary approach to vertical storage. Traditional setups may rely on expansive horizontal layouts, but Pick Mods elevate storage to new heights – literally. With strategic modules that make the most of vertical space, warehouses can stack products efficiently without compromising accessibility. 

Vertical Rack

Efficiency in Lower Throughput

Not every warehouse operates at breakneck speed, and that's where the brilliance of Pick Mods truly shines. While some systems thrive in high-throughput environments, Pick Mods are designed to maintain efficiency even in settings with high SKU density and lower order processing rates. By minimizing unnecessary travel across the warehouse floor, these systems bring a new level of operational fluidity to spaces with diverse throughput needs. 

Vertical Rack

Tailored Solutions for Challenges  

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to warehousing. Pick Mods embrace flexibility with their modular design, allowing businesses to customize setups based on the unique challenges posed by their space. Whether it's irregularly shaped items or specific height constraints, Pick Mods offer tailored solutions that adapt to the distinct characteristics of each warehouse and tap into hidden space within your warehouse 


The adoption of Pick Mods is a declaration of commitment to efficiency, innovation, and a reimagined approach to warehousing. The vertical revolution is here, and Pick Mods are at the forefront, empowering businesses to reach new heights – quite literally. 

Join the vertical revolution!

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At the heart of Culver Equipment is our dedicated sales team, committed to providing an unparalleled customer service experience. Our team boasts a deep knowledge of the industry and the unique challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a large corporation seeking a complete overhaul of your warehousing system, or a small business looking to increase storage capacity, our team is here to help. We take the time to understand your needs, ensuring the solutions we recommend are not only affordable, but effective and reliable. With our sales team at your side, you're not just buying warehouse equipment; you're investing in the longevity and success of your business.

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