Pick Modules – The Core System of Warehouse Product Management

Pick Modules

Vital to any successful warehouse distribution center is the efficient use of industrial pick modules. They are the heart and soul of all well-managed facilities that process and handle product delivery. Often referred to as order picking systems, can help lower operating costs, provide better space utilization, achieve quicker, more efficient throughput, and maintain superior order accuracy.

What Components Make Up Pick Module Systems?

Pick modules are generally a system consisting of multi-level rack structures constructed in a way to facilitate the streamlined picking of items and products for order fulfillment, and to help store inventory. These important warehouse systems usually involve various types of shelving, pallet racks, and mezzanine working together to provide efficient space utilization and increase overall efficiency of the facility and logistics of operation. When combined together with nonstandard racking components, these warehouse structures make up a complex storage system.

When constructed in a strategic way, these systems can provide for full pallet storage, single or multi deep storage and push back, or single case systems using various methods of flow. Working in conjunction with elevated floors and numerous types of conveyor systems, they provide a defined means of product flow to specific areas of the warehouse.

Pick Modules Provide Logistical Benefits

Some of the benefits associated with the use of pick modules include:

Flow efficiency: Most successful operations utilize a FIFO inventory rotations, which means first in, first out. When pick modules are used, pickers can concentrate more on an effort in the picking of inventory than traveling around the facility to fill orders.

Cost Management: By decreasing the amount of time needed for laborers to walk around the facility to obtain product, an increase in productive tasks can be realized. This helps maintain a low cost on labor because less people are needed to do the same amount of work, and less wasted time is involved in the process.

Floor Space: The best warehouse design involves using floor space in the facility to its maximum. Pick modules help utilize space at its peak as compared to simple pallet rack and shelving setups.

Planning and Design of Pick Modules

Pick modules are carefully designed to fit the needs of the particular operation at hand. That being said, there are no standardized options available to choose from, yet they all have the same common traits and features available. Variances like overall, facility layout, type of products handled, and equipment on hand or being used all play into how a pick module should be best constructed to meet your needs.

Culver Equipment, LLC is an industry leader in warehouse layout design with a full, professional staff that has the experience and track record working with some of the largest warehouse industry giants in the country. Before you begin to plan your pick modules, talk to an expert so you can best design and construct a system that works for you.

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