Warehouse Mezzanine Systems – Benefits For Expanding Your Operation

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

When planning the layout of your warehouse, it is important to always consider the probability of future expansion, and the best overall way to optimize your resources. Although new facilities may sometimes be required to handle your new demand if your growth is explosive, you can also maximize and adapt to the floorspace in your existing facility with warehouse mezzanine systems. Mezzanine can be an excellent strategy to minimize your costs, and create more facility efficiency.

Mezzanine systems by definition are intermediate floor(s) which provide access to the floor below. In warehouse applications, mezzanines are usually steel structures that can be installed, dismantled, and relocated to create other structures within the building. This makes them a versatile warehouse equipment asset, and can adapt to the changing needs of the warehouse operation as logistics and material handling needs change.

When considering warehouse mezzanine systems for your project, it’s important to note that a mezzanine structure does not count as a floor within a building. Regulated by the International Building Code, warehouse facilities are permitted to safely use as much as one third of the entire floor space below as mezzanine. Underlying floor spaces can also have more than one mezzanine structure, but the total sum must remain below the one third specification. The use of warehouse mezzanine is also subject to local building codes and standards as well, so it’s important to know the specifics regarding your unique location.

Mezzanine systems in warehouse environments can be an extremely beneficial to your operation. They provide an effective way to increase storage and work space by maximizing your facility’s vertical space ability. If you envision your warehouse operation will be expanding in the near future, and want a low cost way to make use of existing facility resources. All of the below floor space is available for existing operations, and the mezzanine can be used and expanded as needed. It’s the perfect way to gradually move into larger facilities once the demand is needed, without going through the initial cost shock of moving.

While designing a mezzanine system may sound simple and straight forward on the surface, it requires guided experience to make sure your structure is sound. A good place to start again involves adhering to established building code, and sticking to the nuances present in your facility’s location. However, it may be important for you to seek out the direction of an experienced professional in warehouse planning and design.

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