Warehouse Automation Systems – What Are The Benefits?

How Can You Benefit From Warehouse Automation Systems

There’s no doubt technology has given us a distinct edge when it comes to developing new ways to deal with repetitive tasks. The warehouse industry is no different, and warehouse automation systems are on the rise. Advancements in robotics and software engineering have given us a modern platform. With warehouse automation systems, we can not only reduce the man power needed on certain physical tasks within the supply chain, but also tasks that require logic and thought. The result is a streamlined system that increases overall efficiency, and decreases your costs significantly.

Are warehouse automation systems right for your project?

The market today provides for many different automation solutions. These solutions include a mixture of semi-automated to fully-automated systems. The solutions that are right for your warehouse depend on your unique set of needs, ranging from accessing the resources on hand, and determining the task or outcome you want to achieve by using warehouse automation.

One of the most popular and easily implemented warehouse automation systems available rely on a goods to person concept. In fact, the approach is called Goods To Person (GTP). One of the biggest possible time wasting activities in any warehouse operation involves workers needing quick and available access to product. Quite simply the solution is to bring the product to the worker, instead of having the worker go retrieve the product. When compared to manual operations, GTP warehouse automation systems provide more throughput efficiency, and better overall service.

GTP Systems (Goods To Person)

GTP systems come in different configurations. A common GTP approach involves automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) which leverage the use of computer controlled systems to deliver loads to specific points in the warehouse. From there, they can interface with strategic material handling equipment to provide movement to the next or final destination. Another convenient GTP system involves the use of carts or shuttles that span across the warehouse storage ailes to handle loads with a similar purpose.

Pick-To-Light Systems

Pick-To-Light Systems manage order picking processes that increase productivity very effectively. It involves managing the logistics of accurate and needed product supply in a specified quantity before shipment. The general use is simple. A worker can typically scan a bar code on a pick container, then a light will appear giving the correct picking item and quantity to be processed.

Mobile Autonomous Robots

The most versatile and potentially overall cost efficient method of GTP systems involves the use of robots that can travel anywhere in your warehouse. These robots can be intelligently programmed to travel to strategic locations to interface with workers, by illuminating lights indicating which products need picking. This collaboration proves to be very powerful, and can provide maximum logistical efficiency when tailored to fit specific supply chain systems.

Mobile robot market is still exploding. According to this article by Robotics Business Review, the market is expected to grow to a volume of $2.15 billion by 2020, at a rate of 32% a year.

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