Used warehouse equipment: when does it make sense?

Advantages of Buying Used Warehouse Equipment

When it’s time for you to replace your warehouse equipment, does it make sense to buy new – or used? As with most questions, it depends about your needs, timeline and budget. If you have unlimited time and money, then buying new equipment is a possibility for you. But, even then, it might make sense to explore used warehouse equipment first. Here are some reasons why.

Maximize Dollars

Used warehouse equipment naturally costs less than new. So, even if you can afford a new piece of equipment, how much used equipment could you buy with that same amount of money? What supplies could you purchase? What else could you do with the money you saved?


Warehouse equipment is manufactured to last for the long haul.

Many times, a company stops using a piece of equipment long before its usefulness has ended. Perhaps that company went out of business; perhaps their services have evolved and some equipment has been lying idle. Or maybe they needed to replace a piece of equipment and more or less threw the baby out with the bathwater, selling off good pieces of used warehouse equipment with the bad. Point being, plenty of used equipment is still perfectly good – and, if it isn’t, you don’t have to worry because, at Culver Equipment, we won’t resell what we can’t stand behind.


You may have the philosophy that there is no point in manufacturing more when there is nothing wrong with what currently exists. If so, you can follow that philosophy by choosing used material storage systems and handling equipment, including pallet and cantilever racking, warehouse storage racks, conveyor systems, industrial mezzanine systems and more.

Delivery Dates

Sometimes, when you order new equipment, you have to wait for it to be manufactured before it can be shipped to you. And, production delays can happen, even with the best manufacturing processes. Used warehouse equipment, though, is ready to be shipped once you’ve made your choice.

Used Warehouse Equipment Inventory

If you’ve decided that going the used route is worth exploring, then take a look at our current inventory. We update this list weekly for your convenience. Also take a look at our online catalogue.

And, consider having us take a look at your facility to see how we could streamline the warehouse layout design for premium efficiency. Our planning services span the spectrum, from design to installation, designed specifically to suit your unique needs. Contact us online or call us at 480-855-0088 today.

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