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Sun Devil 100

Each year, Arizona State University (ASU) celebrates the achievements of the Sun Devil 100. This group of extinguished members are ASU alumni who own or lead successful, innovative businesses across the globe. This is an elite, powerful and prestigious group of people who are advancing business, science, research and a host of other disciplines in a way that benefits us all.

Each member in the Sun Devil 100 has a diverse and unique set of talents that set them apart from each other, and the community as a whole. The Sun Devil 100 help make the world we live in a better place, as specifically the business owners help drive the economy and provide much needed jobs. The Sun Devil 100 Class of 2018 employs nearly 25,000 people, with a total estimated annual revenue topping $8 billion.

Most Innovative School In The Country

The Sun Devil 100 carries with it a deeper honor when considering ASU has consecutively led the nation each year as the most innovative college. Topping high level universities like Stanford and MIT, ASU continues to bring together the power of diversity and an innovative mindset to make a positive impact on the business community, as well as supporting existing and future alumni. This means the Sun Devil 100 is essentially the cream of the crop, the leaders of all leaders, of business owners and entrepreneurs in the nation educated from the best university culture and curriculum available anywhere.

Culver Equipment, LLC is an innovative business leader and proud member of the Sun Devil 100 class of 2018 ranked #11. Arizona State Alumni Kathleen Culver runs the organization, and serves as the company Secretary/Treasurer. Kathleen holds a BS General Business Administration from 1987 and uses her education and drive as the centerpiece of her corporate leadership. As quoted, Kathleen believes that “Anything is possible for anyone with enough drive and perseverance.” This is the core belief system that has also pushed Culver Equipment, LLC to become one of the fastest growing companies in America for the last 3 years and counting on INC 5000. Culver is currently ranked #5 on the list of businesses in Phoenix experiencing explosive revenue growth.

Culver Equipment, LLC offers a wide array of services and has become a leading warehouse industry consultant, providing expert planning and design services. We have a track record of success, built on our ability to adapt to changes and maintain a strong vision. We also pay strict adherence to safety protocols, helping to maintain a stable, highly educated and committed workforce. Working with some of the largest and successful companies in the world, we build relationships, and develop solutions to maximize the efficiency of material handling systems and warehouse equipment.

By using expert design and planning, we are able to help lower the overall operating costs of businesses in the warehouse and material handling industry. We offer a variety of both new and used warehouse equipment at competitive prices. Culver does not shy away from the most complicated situations and is always willing to take on new challenges, uniquely designing creative solutions to help warehouse operations gain maximum efficiency.

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