Pallet Rack Installation – How To Assemble Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet Rack Installation

One of the key components of any successful warehouse environment is a properly designed and built pallet racking system. Pallet rack installation may seem like a straight forward process, although expert installation is vital to the safety and integrity of the construction. Here is a basic run down on pallet rack installation, so you have a better idea what is involved in creating this for your warehouse.

Step 1: Before pallet rack installation begins, the lead installer should verify their team is trained on general assembly and safety procedures needed for the project. A well-informed team is vital to the safety and overall construction on pallet racking systems.

Step 2: Collectively take inventory and verify stock of current materials provided for the task. You don’t want to start a project, only to realize you are missing necessary items.

Step 3: Inspect the area thoroughly where the pallet racking system will be located. Take note of any possible obstructions, and notify warehouse management if items need to be relocated.

Step 4: Begin laying out the basic column structure and rack lines with chalk to layout on the floor. Verify aisle widths meet specifications as measured from the start line.

Step 5: Install the first starter bay rack. All racking systems and their construction begin with erecting the starter bay. it serves as the foundation for assembling the entire system. The process involves checking all beam elevations for proper, flush height, and plumb in the aisle directions. Once the specifications are met, the rack needs to have all the bolts tightened down and locking mechanisms in place.

Step 6: Anchoring the rack is the next step in the process. Unique to every job, anchoring the rack involves adhering to structural specifications. Anchor bolts are to be tightened to recommended torque standards. Some racking systems will not fall under code for anchoring down the rack. However, all safety measures need to be taken into consideration along with related structural code.

Step 7: Once the starter bay is assembled and anchored, you are ready to install the remaining bays of the pallet rack system. Carefully align each bay with the chalk line, and check form plumbness as you work a section at a time. Generally, you can set up the rest of the rack without anchoring them down. Once the system is in place, you can then look at any other sections or components to be anchored or fitted with accessories such as column protection and wire deck.

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