Mezzanine Systems – Types, Benefits and Applications

Mezzanine Systems

In a recent article we discussed the benefits of using mezzanine systems to expand your warehouse operations in a cost efficient manner. We would like to take a closer look at these benefits and dive deeper into the topic, by discussing the different types of warehouse mezzanine used today. By understanding the different types available, and the unique qualities each brings to the table, our aim is to provide you with the information needed to make the decisions that are right for your warehouse planning and expansion.

In general, mezzanine provides your facility with the means to expand and utilize space more efficiently. Often times you may find your employees have to work in small spaces. You can increase productivity and overall capacity by putting vertical space to good use. This is often much more cost effective than moving the facility, or establishing an extension of your operations in another building. But let’s face it, if you are considering investing in a mezzanine system, you must know the different types available and how their benefits align with your goals.

Freestanding Mezzanine Storage Systems

If space is the key issue in the area you are planning, freestanding mezzanine might be the right fit for you. This is a facility fixture with structural columns fastened directly to the floor. The loading requirements are not as high, which may prove to be a more flexible solution depending on the configuration you need.

Catwalk Mezzanine Storage Systems

In situations where your staff needs to move freely without obstructing the workflow on your warehouse floor, using a catwalk mezzanine is ideal. By integrating aisles and walkways suspended to the first level of shelving, and providing adjacent access to second level shelving, catwalk mezzanine becomes a versatile space creating solution.

Full Mat Mezzanine Storage Systems

If you are looking for a solution that has both the benefits of a freestanding and catwalk system, then using a full mat structure becomes your best choice. These mezzanine systems combine both features of these popular configurations, and can come with an open second level.

Shelving & Rack Supported Mezzanine Storage Systems

Depending on the space planning involved, you may already have shelving or rack structures already in place. While a freestanding system will not work in this scenario, you can benefit from a rack or shelf supported system. This eliminates the need for new column structures, and gives you the advantage of full capacity of storage directly under your second level.

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